Cultural Mindfulness

Cultivating a deeper awareness of ourselves and the ways in which our culture impacts human experiences and encounters.

Better Humans. Better Relationships. Better Workplaces.

Cultural Mindfulness Training is an experience that invites participants to connect, learn, reflect, and practice self-awareness and engage in a non-harmful and consensual manner with themselves and others.

Who benefits from cultural mindfulness training?

You Can Create Culturally Mindful Environments through Intentional Collective Experiences

What are the signs your organization would benefit from cultural mindfulness training?

Race Relations
  • Don’t know how to talk about race relations
  • High turnover of people of the Global Majority (replaces the term BIPOC)
  • Burnout
  • Lack of mental wellness
  • Intense productivity pressure
  • Miscommunication between managers and employees
  • A need to shift company culture

What does Cultural Mindfulness Look Like in Practice?

Cultural Mindfulness looks like a collective of people honoring each other’s human experiences in a manner that acknowledges, addresses, and creates space for people with a different set of values, beliefs, or standards to relate to each other in a non-harmful and consensual way.

How Do You Get there?

We can Help.

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